Guide For Incoming Residents

Guide For Incoming Residents

This guide contains useful information about furnishings, fireplaces, and other matters for new Range residents. 

NOTE: Some details are subject to change to make accommodations to COVID-19 safety pre-cautions.

Moving In

Move-in day for Range residents is two Fridays before classes begin. Residents can request to move in as early as August 1st and will be charged for each early arrival day. We encourage you to arrive before Opening Weekend (the weekend before classes begin), when the area will be jammed with new and returning students.

You will receive an email with information on how to pick up your key. It will likely involve either receiving it from the Lawn Senior Resident, or going to Gibbons House to get it directly from Housing & Residence Life. As soon as you move in, you should fill out a maintenance work order to report any damage to the room.

It's illegal for students to park their cars anywhere in the Academical Village, and some Pavilion residents will call the police if they see a student's car parked in one of the alleys. So, if you need to unload furniture, appliances, etc. near your room, be sure to follow these rules:

  • Turn your hazard lights on (so the police can see that you're only parked temporarily).
  • Don't park in a reserved space or block traffic in the alleys.
  • Don't stay any longer than 20-30 minutes (other residents might need to unload too).
  • Leave a note on your dashboard indicating what room you are moving into (so that someone can find you if your car is in the way).

If you follow these rules during move-in week, the police will probably leave you alone. However, make sure you keep an eye on your car at all times and leave the moment you're done unloading. As soon as classes begin, the police will resume their strict enforcement of the no-parking rule.


When you move in, you'll receive just one key from Housing & Residence Life for your room. You cannot make a copy of this key. The bathrooms are accessed by swiping your UVA ID card. You can access all of the bathrooms on the Range and Lawn for your gender but you do not have access to bathrooms for the opposite gender.

If you get locked out, you can call UVA Systems Control at 434-924-3053 for someone from Facilities Management to come and unlock your door (after business hours and on weekends or holidays, you'll be charged $75 for this service).

Useful Furniture

The University provides a bed, upright chair, rocking chair, and dresser in each room. Please note that incoming Rangers will have the opportunity to purchase furniture (including cabinets, lofted beds, and appliances) from outgoing Rangers. Here are some other useful items to bring with you:

    • Rug - The wooden floors collect dust and dirt easily, and get cold when the heat is turned off. You might want to bring a rug for your floor, and possibly a doormat as well.
    • Lights - Range rooms have a single central light fixture and a bathroom fluorescent. Many Rangers use a stand-alone floor lamp to add light to your room (note that halogen lights aren't allowed).
    • Cabinet or Pantry - For food storage.
    • Robe and Flip-Flops - You'll need something to wear to the shower. The Range Council will organize a special purchase of Range monogrammed robes in the fall.
    • Broom and/or Vacuum - Since you'll be tracking in dirt and leaves from the alleyways on a regular basis, you'll want to have a broom or vacuum handy.
    • Fan - Some residents get an electric fan to supplement their ceiling fan, since the weather can be hot in late August/early September. Remember, you can only install an air conditioner for medical reasons (prior approval from the Student Disability Access Center is required).
    • Bellows - While the room comes equipped with a full set of fireplace tools (tongs, poker, shovel, broom) a bellow makes starting fires much easier.
    • Furniture for Guests - If you're planning on entertaining, it might be a good idea to have a folding table handy to set food on, as well as a pair of folding chairs. Some parts of the Range also have wooden planks which can be used as benches between the arches.
      Last but not least, you might want to have a microwave or small refrigerator in your room. Which brings us to the subject of . . .


    If you're not on a meal plan and/or you want to prepare meals in your room, you'll have to plan carefully. The fire code prohibits kitchen appliances with exposed heating elements, such as toaster ovens and electric stoves (yes, there are inspections by the fire marshal). Even those appliances that are permitted - such as mini-refrigerators and microwaves - are subject to limitations. Specifically:

    • Microwaves can be no more powerful than 1200 watts.
    • Refrigerators must be less than 5.0 cubic feet in size.
    • You can operate a charcoal grill immediately outside of your room.

    The closest grocery stores are Harris Teeter and Kroger, although you can get basic groceries from CVS or the convenience stores on the Corner as well (at higher cost).

    Fire Safety

    Range residents must comply with the same fire code and decoration policies as everyone else in University housing. As a result, you can't have any of the following in a Range room:

    • Extension cords.
    • Halogen lamps.
    • Space heaters.
    • Cooking appliances with exposed heating elements (see above).
    • Candles and incense.
    • Firecrackers or explosives.
    • Gas powered equipment (such as grills).

    Furthermore, any wall decorations (such as posters) must be under glass or Plexiglas, and can cover no more than 10% of wall space (fortunately, 10% goes a long way in a Range room ...). Free-hanging decorations made out of paper or cloth (e.g., flags, banners, pictures, calendars) are also prohibited.

    Telephones, Cable, and Internet Access

    Range rooms are not equipped with landlines, so residents are expected to bring their own cell phone.

    All rooms are equipped with UVA's WiFi network. Please note that not all internet-enabled devices are equally able to access UVA's networks. Computers, mobile phones, and tablets tend to be easy to register. Some devices (e.g. Chromecast) do not currently work on the wireless system.

    UVA does not offer traditional cable TV. To learn about options, see the Television/Online Media Options page.

    Outside Your Room

    Because the Academical Village is a national landmark and World Heritage Site, you must be respectful of the space especially immediately outside of your room, which is public space.

    Accordingly, be careful about what you leave outdoors. The only items that should be kept outside your door are your rocking chair, firewood, your ash holder, and a grill (no larger than 18"). Anything else, such as tables, chairs, coolers, etc., should be stored inside your room when you're not using them (including your rocking chair).


    Theft does occasionally occur on the Range. Usually, the stuff that gets stolen is minor (e.g., pieces of firewood), but sometimes more valuable items like laptops and bikes are taken. You can help prevent them by doing the following:

    • Keep your window locked when it's closed, and use the security latch to prevent anyone from opening your window more than a few inches from outside.
    • Use the University-provided bicycle lock to secure your rocking chair.
    • If you leave anything valuable outside your door (e.g., a grill), secure it with a bike chain.
    • Get in the habit of locking your door whenever you leave your room.


    Housing & Residence Life requires all Range residents to receive mandatory fire training before building fires in their rooms. In addition to learning useful techniques for getting a fire started, you'll also get instructions on how to dispose of the ashes safely, and what to do if the fire gets out of control.

    If you do build fires in your room, make sure that you keep the fire screen in place to prevent sparks and embers from flying out. All rooms are equipped with a set of fireplace tools (i.e., poker, shovel, and broom) which you can use to manage a fire and clean up afterwards. Remember, never leave a fire in your room unattended.

    When the cool fall weather arrives, the Range Chair will let you know who the approved University firewood vendors are. We urge you to buy firewood only from these contractors, and not from any unknown individuals who may go door-to-door selling firewood in violation of UVA policy. The firewood sold by the authorized contractors is local and of high quality, whereas wood from other individuals may not burn well and may risk infesting nearby trees with the Emerald Ash Borer or other pests.

    If you don't want to buy a full stack of firewood, another alternative is to get some artificial fire logs (available at Harris Teeter, Walmart, etc.). Artificial logs are more expensive and less authentic, but they burn cleanly (i.e., less smoke) and leave fewer ashes.


    If you live on the East Range, your mailing address is:

    [Room Number] East Range
    Charlottesville, VA 22903-3206

    If you live on the West Range, it is:

    [Room Number] West Range
    Charlottesville, VA 22903-3237

    Mail is delivered through the slot in your door. Packages are left on the doorstep, so if you can't be in your room when something important or valuable arrives, we recommend that you have it shipped to a different address.

    Food Deliveries

    Directions to East Range:

    Turn onto "Hospital Drive" from the corner. Pass the parking lot on your left and continue up the hill (google maps calls this "East Range Road"). You will see a row of green doors as you enter the entrance. Turn on the first left you see and park by any of the temporary parking spots facing the lawn and windows. Welcome to East Range! You can walk towards the green doors to find the room number on the address.

    Directions to West Range:

    Coming from "Univerity Avenue", turn onto "McCormick Road". You should pass the chapel on the left. You will see a row of green doors and a lawn to the left of the road. Welcome to West Range! Park along the street or pull into an alley road then head over to the room number on the address. 


    The Range shares a laundry room with the Lawn. It's located one door to the left of the men's bathroom on the East Lawn (between Pavilions VI and VIII). The washers and dryers accept Cavalier Advantage.


    If anything in your room stops working (e.g., light bulbs, water pressure), or if you spot mice, you should submit a work order using the online maintenance request form. Maintenance is very good about responding to requests promptly (they might even be on your doorstep the next morning).

    In the event of a nightime maintenance emergency that can't wait until the morning (e.g., your radiator bursts), call UVA Systems Control at 434-924-3053.


    One last bit of advice: Relax and have fun. It's easy to get stressed out and spend all your time studying, but living on the Range is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Make the most of your time here - it will be over sooner than you think.